Gunbusters - Regional Sales Rep

    Gunbusters of Florida and Georgia, LLC 5151 Sunbeam Road, Suite 11 Jacksonville, FL 32257
    Job title: Regional Sales Representative
    Reporting to: Company President
    Company description: Gunbusters is a national company with regional affiliates across the USA. Gunbusters of Florida and Georgia LLC is located in Jacksonville, Florida and covers Florida and Georgia. We offer an ATF approved and patented method for destroying evidence firearms by pulverization. This is a free service to law enforcement and we cover costs by stripping repair parts before destroying the serialized receiver. We sell repair parts to gunsmiths, armorers, gun repair facilities and individual purchasers online. Our service is attractive to law enforcement agencies to reduce their dollar, personnel and storage costs related to evidence firearms since we come to them for the pickup and handle all aspects of the destruction. Our patented process creates a video of each and every firearm destroyed, specifically capturing the serial number and other pertinent data for chain of custody purposes and proof that the firearm was destroyed. We provide these videos to the agency on a DVD or flash drive as well as a file with our ATF acquisition/disposition records for agency files.

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    Employment status: Part time, flexible scheduling
    Location: Miami-Dade (Dade County preferred)

    Compensation: Hourly/daily wage, travel expenses paid, commission on revenue

    Key duties and responsibilities: The Regional Sales Representative will be responsible to coordinate liaison and capture activity with law enforcement (LE) agencies in the South Florida area, primarily Miami-Dade (Dade County). This will involve maintaining liaison with individual LE agencies currently having agreements with Gunbusters and outreach to agencies not presently using the Gunbusters service to develop them as clients. In particular, the Regional Sales Representative will call on LE agencies to make presentations to supervisors and command staff of agencies not presently using our service, coordinate logistics of pickup of evidence firearms with agencies where we have an agreement, i.e. determining the quantity and makeup of firearms to be received, the date/time of the pickup appointment, personally participating in the pickup and inventory of firearms with the Gunbusters team, and other duties as assigned.

    Mandatory requirement: Must be a present or former law enforcement officer. Due to the nature of this work, all aspects of our process are either conducted or supervised by current or former law enforcement officers.

    Desired knowledge/skills/abilities: Prior experience or supervision related to law enforcement firearms matters (property and evidence unit member or supervisor, firearms instructor, SWAT), depth and breadth of contacts in the Miami-Dade area, competent with common software applications (Word, Excel, email, etc.), ability to meet and interact with all levels of law enforcement administration to further company goals.

    Contact: If interested, please send resume or background information to Jim Pledger, [email protected]                             or call at 904-206-0439.