Welcome Session 273


    We congratulate the following graduates of the 273rd Session (7/9-9/14/2018), and we encourage them to become active members of the Florida Chapter and participate in the various events throughout the state.
    Chris Carothers, Major, Miami-Dade PD; Raymond DeJohn, Captain, Homestead PD;
    Arturo Jinete, Lieutenant, Medley PD;John Budensiek, Captain, Martin County SO;
    Rick Clements, Deputy Chief, Miami Beach PD; Marcus Claycomb, Commander, Melbourne PD; Jerome Miller, Captain, Apopka PD; Lori Jaress, Captain, Sarasota PD; Andres H. Rodriguez, Lieutenant, Charlotte County SO; Geraldo Mora Flores, Counselor, SA, FBI Tampa; Evangelina Francesca Brooks, Bureau Chief, Div. of Investigative and Forensic Services; Jessica P. Paugh, Deputy Chief, New Smyrna Beach PD; John William Creamer, Chief Deputy, Volusia County SO.


    As you read this newsletter which contains the various articles, announcements, and look over the pictures of old and new friends, and colleagues, you put the newsletter down and think of those memories it brings, and a smile comes across your face.

    For the last 14 years, the individual who has worked tirelessly to publish the newsletter has been Jean McCready. She wasn’t always the accomplished editor and publisher she is now. As retired S/A Brian Jerome put it, “Jean was Miss FBI in the Miami Division; agents would come and go, but for 39 years Jean was the constant in the Bureau and the foundation for the FBI National Academy program”.

    When Jean retired from the FBI, she didn’t retire from the NA. She stepped right up and took over the newsletter to ensure it would continue to provide graduates with a connection to the NA. Jean’s work has been appreciated by many NA graduates and also by the Florida FBINAA 2017 Executive Board, who recognize Jean’s unwavering dedication and support of the Florida Chapter. The Board’s consensus was that for many years Jean “has committed herself to promoting the good work of the Chapter, spending countless hours creating a product that exemplifies the professionalism within our organization.”

    The FBINAA Executive Board wanted to recognize Jean’s commitment and voted to present her with a gift card for a cruise as a small token of their esteem and gratitude. Jean, a sincere ‘THANK YOU” for all you have done and are still doing.   (From Jean - Eddie, thank you for the kind words. They almost made me blush!)

    My heartfelt thanks for the thoughtful, and completely unexpected, gift card for Celebrity Cruises from the Florida FBINAA.  A special thank you to the 2017 Florida Executive Board who were instrumental in getting this gift approved through the Florida Chapter.
    The NA has had a special place in my heart for most of my adult life. I worked for the FBI in Miami for 39 years, 32 of them as the Training Specialist. As such, I always thought I had the best job in the Bureau and I was grateful to be able to continue my association with the NA after my retirement. So, thank you once again to all of you for the very thoughtful gift and for all the friendships I have made over the years. I am so appreciative.